As someone who has coached thousands of kids and adults, Ross passionately talks about the power of carefully chosen words. He has had such an incredible impact on many students’, teachers’, and community members’ lives, especially mine.
As a coach, minister, father, and grandfather, Ross’s words in this book will change or enhance your life over and over again.
-Jerry Korum, CEO, Korum Automotive Group
In Winning Words, Ross Hjelseth takes us beyond the quips to a coherent approach to life and leadership. Hjelseth’s transparency and humility make the work compelling, and the stories from a lifetime of high-quality leadership remind us of the work we do person by person, day by day. This is an inspiring read, and one that undoubtedly can strengthen your ability to lead coherently and effectively.
-Ms. Katie Wiens, Executive Director, Council on Educational Standards and Accountability
Do you desire to be a leader of influence? Winning Words will ignite your purpose to encourage and lift those around you.
-Josh Dunn, President, PremierMedia Inc.
I’m so excited for this book to land in the hands of readers so its words can shape their lives as it has mine. Ross is a mentor, friend, and was a boss to me for more than a decade; as an author, he combines all of these. Truly he has been anointed by God. Allow God’s wisdom through Ross’s words and experience to bring you to another level of impact on your world.
-Ms. Erin Francis, Pastor and Author
Ross Hjelseth has been a champion coach and a champion in the business world. And now he has brought together great champions to share with us how powerful WORDS are in driving our ability to WIN every day.
-Ben Newman, Performance Coach for Alabama Crimson Tide and Kansas State Wildcats