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Tag: leader

Do the Little Things Well

December 8, 2020 One of the coaching axioms I have used for years to initiate optimum human performance was “do the little things well.”  I have spoken this to teams, groups, families, and individuals for decades. What do I mean by “do the little things well?” Simply spoken—focus on doing the simple disciplines of life

Why Effective Leaders are Priceless

Why is more important than who, where, what or how.   As I write today, I want to focus on “why” effective leaders are essential in every unit, team and organization.   I want to focus on several elements of leadership—all of which make a given leader so valuable.   Our culture today uses the word “leader” a

The Power of Encouragement

As I write this morning, I am doing so with you in mind.  What can I provide for you to lighten your load, lift your wings, and put wind in your sails?  I hope this blesses you, my friends. Let me begin with some questions to get you engaged today.  Has anyone encouraged you too